Harvard Square Wednesday July 26th

I have a lunch meeting in Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA next week, and have decided to make a long day of it. Hopefully the weather will be nice…I’m thinking of that day as a sort of mini-vacation away from computers and the office, and just try to relax. Curious if there’s anyone out there reading this who is in the area and would like to get together for something and, I dunno, have a conversation. I’m going to blow into Alewife from the north around 9AM and try to get a parking space, then kill time until my lunch meeting. Then, probably just wander…default destinations include a trip to L.A. Burdicks, mandatory window shopping at The MUT, a browse of Bob Slate Stationery for some nice paper for letterhead, because I have crap for letterhead at home, then hitting Million Year Picnic to look for cool zines. There are some museums in the area I haven’t visited before also; checking out even one that seems boring would be good for clearing my head.

Anyway, if anyone is in the area and wants to meet for a bit, I’m going to be in that area. Should be fun! Hopefully not rainy, though that can be OK if I dress for it.