Magnatag: Continuous Visible Communication

Magnatag: Continuous Visible Communication

While looking for a nice 4×6 card file, I re-discovered Magnatag, which makes custom magnetic whiteboard solutions. It’s not the sort of thing that you see in your everyday office, as their products are geared toward specialized applications: engineering projects, print run management, inventory, and so on.

They have some interesting stuff…here’s a small sampler:

ModularCheck out this modular infinite calendar system…sweet! Goes month-to-month!

SwingViewOr just have a WHOLE YEAR mounted in convenient swinging-door fashion, right on your wall, with their SwingView system!

CardviewYum…index card storage! Unfortunately, this CardView solution appears to use proprietary 3×4″ cards. But it’s a great idea!

Visible FilingThe FileView Wall Filing System. OMG THIS IS THE FILE FOLDER STORAGE SYSTEM I WANT!!! Vertical, mounted on the wall, compact, with everything in view. YUM.

GripasheetThe Grip-A-Sheet is a lot like the check rail I got, except this one uses a transparent gripping mechanism (patented, even). You can see everything on the page. On my check rail, the top 3/4″ is obscured. I even like the name :-) It comes in a variety of lengths, and seems pretty reasonably priced compared to regular check rails.

RotographThe RotoGraph is a SCROLLING infinite project planning GANTT-style chart for engineering project management! SUH-WEET!

Giant RoomWhen one magnetic whiteboard isn’t enough, build an entire room from them.

Apparently Magnatag has been a family-owned business for 40 years…I’d like to find out more about the founder. You can’t buy their products in stores, so you have to order online or by phone. I already have my catalog on the way :-) As a bonus, the company is located in upstate NY, an area of the country I am rather fond of.

I haven’t actually seen or used any of their products, so this is just a heads up to anyone out there who is on the prowl for cool office gear :-)

UPDATE NOVEMBER 27, 2006: Magnatag’s PR company arranged for an email interview with the founder, excerpted in this post. It’s at the end of the post.


  1. JoshD 16 years ago

    That is officially the most cracktastic thing ever.

    I’m locking up my credit card.


  2. peninah 16 years ago

    Crud, there went my budget.. I didn’t lock up my wallet fast enough. (though this has given me some good ideas) :)

  3. Robert 16 years ago

    Thank goodness the Magnatag website is giving me Access Denied – my bank must have blacklisted my IP address already :-)

  4. Marcel 16 years ago

    Strange :-/ Whenever I try to go to the Magnatag website I get a “Access denied” error message! Are visitors from outside the US excluded?

  5. Dave Seah 16 years ago

    That’s weird…I’m not getting that error here. Maybe that is the case. I don’t see why they’d want to block people.

  6. Dave Seah 16 years ago

    The website apparently blocks non-North American visitors…I’ve linked the images above to local copies. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  7. maria 16 years ago

    Since MAGNATG doesn’t wanto to sel outside USA and Canada, and my company needs their type of material, could you send us a name of another company that makes simliar products? and one that wants to make some money outside USA and CANADA?
    thank you,