Tools for Single Productivity Geeks

Tools for Single Productivity Geeks

Visit SiteMy sister sent me a link to a cool pen, and while browsing the rest of the site I came across this bit of interesting information design for a problem I didn’t realize needed solving; Behold! The Procedural Dating Kit is here! From the Uncommon Goods website:

Date blindly no more, because the administrative revolution in romance is here. Whether you want hookups, open-ended fun or a ring on your finger, with the Procedural Dating Kit you’ll always stay on the same page. Show interest without cheesy pickup lines using the “notification of attraction” cards. Avoid awkward waiting periods using the “exchange form for contact information.” Review their dating histories with the “relationship resume.” Track the relationship with the “dating dossier” and “date feedback card.” Avoid ambiguity and heartache with the “notification of non-exclusivity” and “exclusivity agreement.”

And…all 111 items are contained in a handsome binder!

I tried to find out who designed this bit of inspired administrative procedure, but no such luck; I’ll have to see if I can check out the box at Target. I have to admit I’m a little curious about how they put everything together from a packaging perspective…is it actually useful, or is it primarily a novelty gift? I found some closeups of some of the material…hard to call. I suspect that these tools would just get you slapped, unless you formed a single’s user group around the product :-)

UPDATE: My sis’ comments directed me to KnockKnock, the company that makes the product, where the terrifying slideshow reveals that yeah…this is definitely not for actual field use :-) Still, there probably is a market for something that is a little more inspirational, a sort of Cyrano in a Collectable Card format; think “Magic the Gathering” for dating!

On second thought, maybe we shouldn’t think about this any more :-)

Via Uncommon Goods, via (indirectly) my always-awesome sister.


  1. Emily 18 years ago

    I think it’s manufactured by Knock Knock…they make lots of quirky lists and organizational tools. If you check out the listing on their website you can see the components in more detail. Click on “Slide Show” to get a better look! :D

  2. Dave Seah 18 years ago

    OMG…it’s even more horrible than I imagined!!! :-)

  3. Emily 18 years ago

    Heh, I’m sure you could design your own cool date tracker forms, to determine if something is “worthwhile.” :)