Portion Control

Portion Control

Cafeteria Tray I was at Black Ink in Harvard Square last week, and was drawn to this green cafeteria tray with matching cup. I don’t know why…I just had to have it.

My sis says I can use it to control the size of the portions I eat, much as we theorized with Mr Bento. We actually both have them now, but haven’t taken any pictures of it yet. I guess I just like things that hold food…weird! :-)

Cafeteria TrayHere’s another shot of the tray. I may use this as a photo prop for the bizarre asian snacks that I’ve been trying. There are so many…they all deserve to be celebrated (and then eaten). I haven’t been shooting many pictures lately, but now that it’s warmer I’m feeling more in the mood.


  1. psg 18 years ago

    i love my bento but i need a larger rice portion! (i am not the typical american—or maybe i am b/c i need a bigger portion) please share what nosh you are enjoying. i think the tray is wonderful! it would be good for me. if i’m doing a “traditional” meal i often forget to actually make the vegetables, but if there was an empty section—i’d realize it. before the meal was completed. :)


  2. Emily 18 years ago

    Ooh, I love the green…retro cool! What is it about compartmentalizing food that is so fun? I found this on my friend’s list of links on her blog…many creative ideas for a bento style lunchbox.


  3. grendel 18 years ago

    Love the tray.
    Maybe I should adopt one myself.
    I used to have a militray surplus metal tray.
    But the green is soo thing.

  4. beth 18 years ago

    This would be really fun to have a set of for a tv-dinner themed dinner party.

  5. Dave Seah 18 years ago

    Yeah, it’s totally awesome. I was thinking of getting a set of them, but I have so much junk in my house already that I thought maybe I should just have one. I love the idea of the TV dinner theme party…I miss those old ones that were still in the foil :-) Every once in a while I get a “Hungry Man” salisbury steak TV dinner, but it just isn’t quite the same now that it’s in the plastic tray.

  6. Ian Muir 18 years ago

    This gives me flashbacks to traying, a sport my roommate and I invented in college that involved a lunch tray, cooking spray and any carpeted surface.

    The rules are basic. Spray the bottom of the tray with cooking spray and place it about at a predetermined position. Get a good running start and jump on the tray. Whoever gets the farthest without falling wins. We also attempted a modified version of tray jousting but that wasn’t pretty.

  7. SK 18 years ago

    Yes, this is neat. Are there any other products like this? I tried a brief search and found a few sites. This site has lots of info:

  8. Ivy 12 years ago

    I LOVE these, please tell me where I can get them.