Task Tracker Destruct-o-matic Mashup

Task Tracker Destruct-o-matic Mashup

Headlouse has created his own productivity paper tool, incorporating elements of the Task Tracker Destruct-o-Matic and Pocketmod. Dubbed the Disposable Scheduler, it’s designed to be printed out, folded, and carried around with you. As an added bonus, the layout is pretty clean.

Unsolicited and probably unwanted critique follows: I’d fix the extra space in the subtitle and un-stretch rounded rect above the destruct-o bars, and twiddle the contrast of the text there too, but otherwise it’s pretty close.

» Check out Headlouse’s Disposable Scheduler V2


  1. Kevin 18 years ago

    Cool! Seems like there is a lot of compatibility between the pocketmod and your great productivity stuff Dave. Just today I managed to figure a way to integrate the compact calendar into a pocketmod (details to come soon on my blog), and I have an as-yet-untackled task on my Task Tracker and Daily Menu to write a nice and pretty letter to David Seah asking him to “takeover” the pocketmod idea and to make it his own; to daveseah-ize it in other words. :)


  2. Dave Seah 18 years ago

    Cool, looking forward to seeing how you’ve integrated the compact calendar into the pocketmod format! I leave the pocketmod alone…they’ve got a fine thing going there, and I’m more interested in moving toward software anyway. The submission guidelines for Pocketmod require that you give up copyright, so I haven’t submitted anything to their system…it’s pretty cool, though!