Ideas Lost in the Shower

I was in the shower and had a ton of ideas that just slipped away…the chill New England air blasted them right out of my head. Most irritating.

I was thinking maybe I could put a white board in my shower, but then I remembered seeing underwater writing tablets on a documentary. That would be perfect!

As it happens, other people have had this brainstorm before. Check out this Cool Tools entry. The device is called a dive slate. It has a “golf pencil” (whatever that is) attached to it via surgical tubing. I also saw that there are “quick erase” magnetic dive slates that use magnets to write—I’m guessing it’s like one of those children’s toys. I am curious whether the resolution of the slate allows for fine writing.

I mentioned this idea to my buddy Jeff, and he said, “You need a waterproof journal“. It’s a spiral-bound notebook for use “in the field” in all kinds of weather (by bird watchers, for example). Use your Fisher Space Pen to write in it; it’s pressurized and writes upside down and in wet conditions. Outdoor Activity stores might carry the journal; you can get space pens at Staples. I like to touch stuff before I buy it, personally speaking.

For you DIYPlanner and PocketMod fans, do a search on waterproof paper to find the good stuff for your printer. You could make the ATW version of your productivity system! Booyah!

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