The Printable CEO for PocketMod Hack

I was feeling rather good about the current state of The Printable CEO until I read the following comment from Darren Oakley:

It would be even cooler to have a pocketmod version – I know you have the minibooklet, but that means we sacrifice all the other pocketmod goodness…

Sacrifice goodness?!? We can’t have that!!! So I created new pdfs that would be more friendly with mixed PocketMod content.

I’m still not sure legally what submitting a template means copyright-wise, so I instead made pre-printed stationary that you can use when printing out a PocketMod.

Say you want to have your Printable CEO bubble tracker on pages 1-2. Download “MiniBook12”, print it out on your printer, and then print it again through PocketMod. Just make sure your Page 1-2 is blank.

Likewise, to print pages 3-4, download “MiniBook34” and do the same thing. For pages 5-6, just print MiniBook12 and turn the paper around 180 degrees before re-feeding it into the printer.

The results are a little rough-looking because of the clashing visual designs and over-printing division lines, but it works. This is actually the first time I’ve printed one, so some fiddling would be required to line things up nicely; if there’s any interest, post something in the comments area and say how far I need to move things to get it just right. I suspect that different printers may output the layout differently. It may turn out that they’re all relative offset so this doesn’t matter, but I’d like to get some outside data to confirm this first.

» Download Foldable MiniBook Pages 1-2 or 5-6 » PrintableCEO-CGT01-MiniBook12.pdf

» Download Foldable MiniBook Pages 3-4 » PrintableCEO-CGT01-MiniBook34.pdf

I also noticed a glitch in the original MiniBook: A shifted vector line warps the bottom part of the bubble tracker. It doesn’t show up on my (dying) printer, but did show up under magnification in Illustrator. Here’s the updated file:

» Download Foldable MiniBook » PrintableCEO-CGT01-MiniBook.pdf