The Printable CEO for PocketMod Hack

The Printable CEO for PocketMod Hack

I was feeling rather good about the current state of The Printable CEO until I read the following comment from Darren Oakley:

It would be even cooler to have a pocketmod version – I know you have the minibooklet, but that means we sacrifice all the other pocketmod goodness…

Sacrifice goodness?!? We can’t have that!!! So I created new pdfs that would be more friendly with mixed PocketMod content.

I’m still not sure legally what submitting a template means copyright-wise, so I instead made pre-printed stationary that you can use when printing out a PocketMod.

Say you want to have your Printable CEO bubble tracker on pages 1-2. Download “MiniBook12”, print it out on your printer, and then print it again through PocketMod. Just make sure your Page 1-2 is blank.

Likewise, to print pages 3-4, download “MiniBook34” and do the same thing. For pages 5-6, just print MiniBook12 and turn the paper around 180 degrees before re-feeding it into the printer.

The results are a little rough-looking because of the clashing visual designs and over-printing division lines, but it works. This is actually the first time I’ve printed one, so some fiddling would be required to line things up nicely; if there’s any interest, post something in the comments area and say how far I need to move things to get it just right. I suspect that different printers may output the layout differently. It may turn out that they’re all relative offset so this doesn’t matter, but I’d like to get some outside data to confirm this first.

» Download Foldable MiniBook Pages 1-2 or 5-6 » PrintableCEO-CGT01-MiniBook12.pdf

» Download Foldable MiniBook Pages 3-4 » PrintableCEO-CGT01-MiniBook34.pdf

I also noticed a glitch in the original MiniBook: A shifted vector line warps the bottom part of the bubble tracker. It doesn’t show up on my (dying) printer, but did show up under magnification in Illustrator. Here’s the updated file:

» Download Foldable MiniBook » PrintableCEO-CGT01-MiniBook.pdf


  1. arild klokkerhaug 19 years ago

    david, not only do you help us keep focused – your quick action to integrate your tool with the pocketmod is help us avail the coolest and most effective time management system we have seen.

    no logon, no password and no learning period.  just do it!  oh, we love you!  and we blog you!

  2. Dave 19 years ago

    very cool! glad to be of service! :-)

  3. Bill P 19 years ago


    I think this is a great system for keeping on track, especially with the excel spreadsheet that lets you create your own.

    I also like the system for the pocketmod and have created an .swf to incorporate it directly into the pocketmod system. My problem is that when I convert it to 72 dpi rather than 200 dpi which it starts with, it ends up looking really muddy.

    Any ideas how to deal with that?

  4. Dave 19 years ago

    Hey Bill,

    That’s pretty odd that it turns muddy, unless you somehow converted the vector artwork to a bitmap…at 72DPI, it would be pretty illegible.

    On a side note, the reason why there is no Printable CEO template for PocketMod from me is because of this language on the pocketmod website

    Send us your own page templates. If we like them they will be added for everyone to enjoy! Just email in your creations to Templates should be 185 x 285 in any format. (preferably vector). All entries will become property of

    I’m interpreting that to mean that any design submissions become “theirs”, which is why I’m not submitting anything to their system—cool as it is—but am making compatible printouts instead that exist independently. I would rather keep a clean separation. So, I don’t mind people making changes for their own personal use, but derivative works are something I want to keep control of, particularly if they cross the line and involve a commercial third party.

    On the other hand, there’s nothing stopping you from drawing something new and original based on the idea behind the Printable CEO, and submitting that to PocketMod…then it’s your own work, and you’re free to do with it as you please.