Of all the writing I’ve done in the past year, I never got around to saying what this site is about! That’s because I didn’t know; the blog started to find the recurring patterns in my life and pick it up from there.

Now that I’ve been doing this for about a year, I can break it down the current material as follows:

  1. It’s a journal of inspirational people and things I come across, that I can somehow relate to my new media design practice or lifestyle.
  2. It’s a collection of tips, tools, insights, and timesavers that I find personally useful in my day-to-day existence.
  3. It’s a place where I can rant about food and restaurants.
  4. It’s a repository for work-related information and process development.
  5. It’s a place where people get to know me better.
  6. It’s a place where I get to know me better.
  7. It’s a beacon for like-minded people to find, so we can get together and do some cool stuff.

Originally, this site had more information about my actual work, such as portfolio material. You can dig it up by searching for “portfolio” in the WordPress search box and clicking into the older archives. This material is in messy shape, which is why it’s not directly accessible.

The new site will reflect my new focus, which is to develop an immersive learning environment company that creates learning attractions. I’m thinking of this as a niche market intersecting several creative disciplines:

  • game development
  • interaction design
  • sociology and psychology of empowerment
  • storytelling & media
  • environmental / attraction / exhibit design
  • attraction design
  • experience design
  • learning / motivation / education / teaching practice & theory
  • theatre / special effects / magic shows / carnivals / fried dough…
  • finding people’s passion
  • team development / leadership
  • educational institutions and organizations
  • and anything else that has some element that goes into making a cool “learning attraction”

I still don’t know exactly what it all means yet, so I’ll be writing a lot about the process of figuring things out. What I do know is that I’m excited about developing an organization, for the first time in a long long time. Again, this feels right.

Now I just need to get my billable work finished so I can get going…it’s a nutty month. I guess I should add:

  • balancing life with work
  • not going insane

…to the list while I still have all my marbles.


  1. Cool 15 years ago

    I like your in-progress mission statement!!!!  NEAT!

  2. radioactive sheep 15 years ago

    bahhhhhhhhh bahhhhhhhhh bahhhhhhhhh, ah the life of being the only glow in the dark sheep… it’s not all the glam life you’d think it would be…

    bah bah bah

  3. Dave 15 years ago

    Heh, that’s an interesting comment.

    Is the point of my introspective direction-setting to be com the stand-out LOOK AT ME uber designer? There’s some truth in that…I don’t want to do work that’s meaningless, and I also don’t want to do work that isn’t particularly novel. On the other hand, I tend to pick targets that exceed the reach of my grasp, and I’ve come to recognize that being the ONLY one isn’t very productive either…it gets old and stale pretty quickly, and with me it’s not sustainable.

    I’m not sure if that’s your point, or if you’re just pre-emptively poking an ego-deflating hole into the idea because it seemed like the right thing to do. Thanks in either case :-)