It’s Crazy Week!

It’s Crazy Week!

Dad safely arrived this Saturday, after being delayed by Typhoon Talim in the Pacific…he’s here for two months! I’m planning on getting some video on him telling stories about his past (and it’s a nice excuse to get that DV camcorder I’ve wanted, though I have a perfectly good High-8 camera…I should sell it). He’s already told us some interesting stories about growing up in pre World War II Taiwan, so I can’t wait to get some of this logged. It’s Personal History Month here at Casa Seah!

I’m going to again be rather sporadic on website updates this week, but there are some bright spots over the horizon:

  • I have, for the first time, a vision for the kind of company I want to build! I will be realigning my practice toward this.

  • The anniversary for the creation of this blog is officially September 12th, and it feels like it’s time to change it up a bit. With the new thoughts on what my practice will be, this comes at an opportune moment. The new blog will be more clearly segmented between business and personal interests, though I plan on keeping it highly personable in tone. With the new vision, the business side will be focused on the journey of making it happen.

  • With a new blog comes redesign. I am not using any WordPress 1.5 features in the current blog templates, having just ported it quickly from 1.2. I’m planning on putting some hours into exploring WordPress 1.5 template features to make something cool. It’ll be a good refresher for my CSS / HTML too, which is feeling a little rusty.


p>On top of these things, there’s also a bunch of work-related things to get through:

  • Delivering the next release candidate for Showing Evidence next week
  • Writing up some documentation
  • Prepping new resume / portfolio collateral
  • Meeting with potential clients

It’s interesting to note that last week’s hits dropped to about half their usual level. The cause could be anything: Hurricane Katrina, vacation times, who knows.