A Typical Writing Day

Yesterday felt pretty productive in terms of regular everyday writing, just the right amount to be meaty, but not too excessive. On the other hand, I know I tend to run long when it comes to communicating, so I asked myself, how much verbiage do I generate on an average day?

I copied/pasted all the significant text I had written from email/online forums into a Word document, then used the “word count” tool. I ended up with around 2700 words of meaningful, thoughtful conversation. That is about 7 single-spaced pages in 12 point Times New Roman, for random communication and conversations with people. This doesn’t include instant messaging (maybe a few hundred words there) or longer conversations one the telephone or at the New Media Group meeting (about 4 hours worth of communication, let’s say 50% of the time I was talking, call it about 1400-1600 words right there).

So in total, that’s around 4500 words a day of verbal and written communication. Does that make me some kind of mutant? And to think I used to wonder where all my time went! Good thing I can type reasonably fast, otherwise I’d have no time to work on anything afterwards!