Next Version of Windows

Next Version of Windows

Yep, that’s what the next version of Windows is going to be called:

Longhorn is now Vista Windows Vista

Clear. Confident. Connected.

It reminds me of old post cards and cheesy sights-to-see between Niagara Falls and Tonawanda, which just a touch of “if we say these words enough times in conjunction with Windows, people might believe it”. Beta 1 will be out on August 3rd, 2005. Do you know the way to Shell Beach?


  1. Thom 19 years ago

    I miss the old days when they just numbered the software. The day they announced it would be Windows 95 instead of 4.0, a little part of me died inside.

  2. Dave 19 years ago

    Yeah, it makes you want to switch to Mac OS, just to have the satisfaction of having regular, predictable version updates :-) They sort of have the best of both worlds: each release has a codename AND a version number.