Jeff forwarded me this advice for solopreneurs, which is a list of 10 things one must do to be…successful? I’m not sure. The takeaway, though, is the term “Solopreneur”, which the author says is a buzzword on the upswing in the Blogosphere. What’s a Solopreneur? Essentially, a solopreneur is a one-person business., but he writes further:

I consider myself to be a reluctant, yet committed Solopreneur. Reluctant in the sense that I would rather be collaborating with other like-minded people instead of slogging along solo. But committed in the sense that I am compelled to continue slogging along solo until I can actually find some other like-minded people […]

Yes. That’s what I’m talking about.


  1. seuss 15 years ago

    agree. you’ve pulled the passage i knew would resonate with you.

  2. Scott Wright 15 years ago

    So basically, it comes down to finding people who believe in producing whatever on a basis of excellence. Finding people that don’t tolerate things that suck. That’s cool. It’s how it should be.