On The Road Again

It’s been a nutty week, filled with preparations for an upcoming pitch meeting I’m attending in California for a few days. It’s been a while since I’ve had to do it; forgotten how much work it can be, so I’ve had not very much time to myself to blog or even play World of Warcraft. Making up for this overall gruntness of the week was an acquaintance’s fantastic birthday celebration dinner at Cuchi Cuchi in Central Square. Also, I got to make a cool birthday present and deploy a “stratagem” of the Amelie style. Anyway, I’m in Louisville, Colorado for Luke’s wedding. I get to hook up with Sunil and Eugene…it’s been years since I’ve seen them. Well, with the exception of Eugene at Mark’s Wedding last year.

  • I Like Airports! I always have liked places like this where people are bustling around in different directions. The systems architecture fascinates me too. I took some pictures of myself in each one, will post them later. I look like crap :-)
  • Text Messaging is Fun but Tedious. While my plane was delayed at MHT, I saw someone texting someone else and realized that I could do the same! So I tried texting Senia, who was a good sport and texted back! It was neat in some undefinable way…the ability to transmit words over a cellular packet network to anyone in the world! I can hear the words, though, of Rich Wallick’s mom, “Why don’t you just call them on the phone?” Oh, yeah.
  • Colorado has Popeye’s Fried Chicken, a franchise we lack in New Hampshire and Massachussetts
  • The 12″ Powerbook is a Great Airplane Laptop, and can be typed upon even in Economy class. Though it is a tad cramped. I should have brought my Matias Half Keyboard to try out; I got a good deal on one on eBay a while back.
  • The Comfort Inn Ain’t Bad So Far. The room I got has a hot tub in it. Never been in a hot tub. Will have to try it tonight. Going to go give the “free” Continental breakfast a try.
  • Things I Forgot To Bring — There’s always a few: digital camera card reader, the directions to the wedding site.
  • National Car Rental is where I rented my car. The customer service experience was pretty good, with a cute and friendly rep pretty efficiently getting me through the paperwork. They tried to sell me the extra insurance, which I’m guessing you have to waive twice before they let up on you. The woman was apologetic and said she was just doing her job, so I didn’t hassle her about it. One cool thing was you get to go out and pick your car from the lineup; they all have keys in the door. So that was fun, though apparently there aren’t a lot of cool cars in the Intermediate lineup. I should have gone out to see what they had before deciding.
  • The Rental Car I ended up with is a Pontiac Grand Am. It’s about the size of my GTI overall, but shaped more like a tradtional sporty sedan. Not bad. American Cars always feel kind of spongy in the seating (softer, not firm) and the power steering assist is a touch too much to feel good. On my GTI, I get a more intuitive feel of the road…not so with this car. When I go outside I’ll get to see what color it is. I’m guessing it’s dark green.