Bill Bussey Studios

Visit Site Jeff forwarded me this press release regarding Bill Bussey Studios, which sounded like a big load of crap:

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) April 28, 2005 – Billy Bussey, a top Web multimedia developer based in San Jose, Calif., will unveil his latest radical Web creation, the site, on June 11, 2005. The Billy Bussey Studio’s site begins by launching the viewer into a guided journey in which they learn the story of Billy Bussey Studios without ever having to click a button or open a window. “The entire experience can be auto-guided,” says Bussey. Users who prefer to guide themselves by standard button navigation, can also select that option. The site opens with a 60-second 3D intro that even includes its own orchestral score. “The viewer can sit back, relax and embark on a short cinema-like journey that starts by learning ‘About Us,’ then explains ‘What We Do,’ and finally displays ‘Our Portfolio,'” says Bussey. […]

Uh huh.

Skeptically I clicked on the link to…it’s not live as of this posting, but his old portfolio site is there.

W O W ! ! !

Bussey does really great new media work combining design, 3D, and very high production values. He’s a one man army of high-energy new media production! And a master of unapologetically grandiose self-promotion on top of that…just check out the intro for his old site. I can’t wait to see what the new one will be like.

Why do I even get up in the morning? Oh yeah, so I can be reminded how far the bar can be raised…not all new media sucks! I’m glad to see that there are individuals out there who are really on top of things.

The image at the top is part of the 3D interface for the old site…as you click on things, it animates and spins in a very cool cinematic fashion, complete with motion blur. Motion graphics. Yum.