Busy Busy

Busy Busy

I’m having a very busy few weeks, and my posting schedule will be quite sporadic. Here’s what’s up:

  • The Intel Thinking Tools project I’m working on is moving into a new phase: Internationalization for Right-To-Left languages! This is a pickle all of its own, since Flash does not support RTL input or display natively. This affects languages like Hebrew, Arabic, and Farsi. The piece I’m working on, Showing Evidence, is going live in June, and already supports non-RTL languages. Our RTL version is scheduled for later release.

  • Pitching some new business with ActiveEdge for a company out in Irvine, California, going up against some pretty impressive design houses. We have a good core team in place for this, so it’s a matter of making the best possible presentation. It should be a very interesting experience.

  • There’s a lot of business-type stuff to do: setting up a new accounting system, redefining my service offerings, defining a more precise definition of what it is I do, and making a compelling business plan with financials and associated metrics. I’ll feel a lot better once all that’s done.


p>On top of that, there’s the expanded participation in various local group activities, such as the New Media Group.