Blank Label Comics

Blank Label Comics

Visit SiteI read about Blank Label Comics on PVP, and I like the idea behind it. From their press release:

Blank Label Comics proudly announces a new approach to self-publishing for cartoonists. Blank Label is a cooperative group of cartoonists who are helping one another succeed as independents. These six cartoonists, previously hosted at Keenspot, are banding together for cross-promotion and advertising. Each is using his proficiency in a particular aspect of the cartooning business to help the others — who are doing the same in return. […] Blank Label will not compete with online syndicates such as Modern Tales and Keenspot. It is a small group of cartoonists with similar goals, using individual strengths to help one another reach those goals.


I’d like to pursue something similar with New Media, or whatever it is that I actually am doing: a weird blend of programming, project management, computer graphics, and mentoring. Really, I just want to do things that kick ass, support the things my friends and I believe are important, and stay as independent as possible to pursue that. Do it well, inspire your audience, and stay true to your self.

In my mind, making money is something that should be in service to those goals, so I’m thinking more about how to structure my practice more tightly along revenue-generating lines. Independent cartoonists band together for success