I’ve been mildly crunching on a programming project, spending a lot of time inside. Around 4PM I got up to go get my mail to break the monotony. It’s just a short walk from my condo to the central mailboxes.

99 times out of a 100, I get my mail on the way home from somewhere in the car, but today I thought I’d hoof it. Good thing, too, because I had one of those “duh” epiphanies the moment I stepped outside.

First of all, I live in a great condominium development. It abuts the Nashua River and a bird sanctuary. The entire development is landscaped and green, with a wooded nature trail circumventing most of it. There is even a small dock that allows you to offload your canoe or kayak into the river if you are so inclined. I’m lucky to have gotten a place here at the price I did.

Secondly, it’s a very walkable development. It’s probably the best condo development for dog owners around here. If you decide to take a walk around the perimeter, it’ll take you about 15 minutes. Depending on the time of day, you’ll meet at least 3 or 4 happy dogs snuffling the trail with their owners. Today I met a funny poodle wearing a pink sweater, who jumped up on me to say hello. The owner and I exchanged pleasantries, and I was back on my way. Although I have cats because I’m not big on walking dogs, I have to admit that having an outside pet that you can take places is pretty cool.

On the way back, with the sun hanging lazily in the late afternoon sky, I felt the first inkling that Spring was on the way. The snow was in retreat, and I could smell the earth. I took a moment to marvel at how nice it was to be in transition, and how good it is to live where there are real seasons and tall trees.


  1. Jeremy Biddle 19 years ago

    so excellent!

  2. Bridget 19 years ago

    You’ve also got an *ideal* layout for rollerblading – a big loop to go around :)