Quiznos. Meh.

The first time I went to a Quiznos sub place was in Maitland, Florida, in 1997. I think they were just working out their system, as Florida is one of those places where retail franchises work out the kinks. I remember having a pretty good roast beef sub, fragrant and delectably toasted, and feeling deeply satisfied.

Fast-forward 8 years to the Nashua Mall, New Hampshire, 8:45PM on a Friday night. The “system” is a mess, the subs not much more than what you’d get at Subway. The bread is perhaps marginally better than Subway’s, but that’s not saying very much. They run the toasted sub through a conveyor-belt oven, the kind of thing you might see at your local college cafeteria. This did toast the sub, but did not deeply warm up the sandwich. The roast beef itself was nothing to be excited about either. Not terrible, but not fragrant. Bah.

It’s too bad, because I was hoping to have a decent sub. So far the best place around here is Christopher’s, so I guess I shouldn’t complain. But it’s nothing compared to Dibella’s Old Fashioned Submarines in Upstate New York. The best subs I’ve ever had.