Missing Edit Link in WordPress

I think I finally figured out a minor WordPress 1.2 mystery: I was wondering why I wasn’t always seeing the “edit this” link when logged in as an Admin. The edit this link was missing sometimes, and present at others! I believe I narrowed it down to the URIs defined in the WordPress “Options Panel”. They must match your link URIs, otherwise you won’t see the “edit this” link.

In other words, say your WordPress blog address is defined as “http://davidseah.com” in General Options. However, you have links that jump to “http://www.davidseah.com”. Well, you’re not going to see the edit links in that case, because the URIs don’t match. What was happening in my case was my bookmark was to “www.davidseah.com”, not “davidseah.com” as it was set up in my setup. So the admin cookie didn’t match, and I never saw the “edit this” link. After I changed all references in my bookmarks and inter-site links, the problem went away.

At first I thought it was staticize reloaded 2.5, the caching page plugin I use, that was causing the edit-this link not to appear, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.