Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Ah, web hosting. I used to maintain my own servers when I was learning how to set up and administrate Linux, but the novelty wore off some time ago. With all the security advisories, backup chores, and network management to keep track of, it was no longer fun. It’s a pain in the ass.

This is a review of what I’m using now, and what I may use in the future.

The Current Setup

For hosting, I’ve been using Pair Networks for years. I’ve found them to be reliable and competent, though I tend not to need a lot of technical support. While a lot of other providers are cheaper for pure web/email hosting, you sometimes don’t get these services: * shell & file access via ssh * file transfer via ftp / scp * complete development environment

You can get this with the next-to-cheapest hosting plan, though I’ve since upgraded to the developer account. On the minus side, their online tools could be a little slicker, and they don’t offer as many mailboxes / domains / databases / transfer / online storage as some other providers. Most of their support is handled online, as is their sales. Don’t expect a lot of handholding.

For domain name registration, I’ve been using directnic for just as long. They were one of the first inexpensive registrars out there, and their prices have remained at $15/year since they started. I like their control panel, and I don’t see any immediate reason to switch.

The Alternatives

I haven’t really checked any of these out yet, but maybe I’ll get a chance to try them out.

  • Dreamhost: I first heard of them on HateBot, and that picture of Lorne stuck with my imagination. Looking through their offerings, it looks like a good deal and a good environment. Prices look good, and features look good too.

[last updated 9/15/2004]