Adventures in Templating

Adventures in Templating

I spent a good few hours figuring out how to make WordPress look more like MovableType. I ended up duplicating some of the structure (the content and right divs, in particular) and converted a lot of font-size CSS to use the named sizes. This seems to allow things to scale a bit nicer. I’m pretty sure there’s horrible, horrible things left in the CSS from my mucking, but for now seems to work.

Horrible Things

I’m using a wide GIF background to draw the edging on the left/right of the #rap area. The GIF itself is small, but I can see my browser draw the background THEN draw the edges on top of it. Yuck.

I’m having a bear of a time with hyperlink styles staying set. There’s some interdependence between setting the default “a:visited” color so it stays the same as “a:link”. I probably am missing something about the way style inheritance works in CSS.

Good Things

So far, I’m enjoying WordPress more because I can use DreamWeaver to edit the css and index.php files directly. Edit, CTRL-SHIFT-U to upload, and then preview. In Movable Type, you’re pretty much stuck using the web interface because updates to files require a site rebuilt before you can preview. Bah.

Next step: Adding image support, additional site directory structure refinements. After that, it will be filling out additional information about me.

I like WordPress Better