The Mission

"Website Mission" Over the years I’ve tried to define myself as a “designer” or “programmer”, but it’s the practice of explore, learn, build and share that’s at the core of my activities. It’s also my business model: producing high-quality process, information, and goods.

I have not entirely figured out how this works. I struggle with frustration. I’m a self-berating perfectionist. I’m also a big nerd and obsessive about weird things. And if this is also YOUR struggle, perhaps you’ll find something interesting in what I have to say. My dream is to become creatively productive and fulfilled despite all that stuff while following the following rules I’ve set for myself:

  1. To be my own boss: mastering process, making money directly from work I produce under my own name.
  2. To have the time, freedom, and money to operate my business without anxiety.
  3. To act according to my values as a human being, friend, and maker.
  4. To live every day according to my values with a community of like-minded people.
  5. To stay mindful of other people, while not being swayed from my path by their expectations.
  6. To prove that this approach can work.

You may find this website is like a “trader’s outpost” filled with useful gadgets and experiences that might come in handy on your own journey. There are personal essays related to those topics, tools designed to improve productivity and motivation, and detailed technical articles about process and methodology. But perhaps the most important thing you’ll take away is that you’re not alone.

Feel free to share some stories or ask some questions while you’re here. Enjoy!