Dave Seah and the Search for Creative Independence

"Website Mission" I have a goal to become “creatively independent”:

  1. To be my own boss: mastering process, making money directly from work I produce under my own name.
  2. To have the time, freedom, and money to operate my business without anxiety.
  3. To act according to my values as a human being, friend, and maker in the pursuit of mastery and success.
  4. To live according to my values with a community of like-minded self-empowered, positive-minded, conscientious and competent people.
  5. To be respectful and mindful of others, while not being swayed from my path by their expectations.
  6. To document the process so the path can be followed by others.

While I don’t have all the answers, I’ve discovered that practicing a “creative cycle” of exploring, learning, building and sharing seems to be my way of continuing to make progress, as it produces works that can be seen by others which creates opportunity.

You can contact me via my Facebook Page, Twitter, or by contact form. If you live in the Greater Boston / Southern New Hampshire area, shoot me an email and let’s get together to compare notes.


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Dave Seah writes about productivity and creativity in the context of achieving “creative independence”: a combination of entrepreneurial spirit, artistic freedom, and financial self-sufficiency. He strongly believes that everyone has the ability to pursue their dreams, and shares his experiences so that others on the same journey might save themselves some time. Dave also provides free downloadable productivity-related PDFs such as the popular “Emergent Task Planner” (ETP), a form that allows users to “plan their day as it happens”. Dave’s background is in interactive design and video game production; he is currently developing original products based on his past 7 years of writing, documenting the entire process on davidseah.com.