Productivity-Only Email and RSS Subscriptions

Productivity-Only Email and RSS Subscriptions

There are two audiences that I am aware of on

  • Productivity Enthusiasts who are interested in the tools I develop and the practices that I create around them.
  • Personal Development / Process Enthusiasts who are interested in my reflections on the search for meaningful work.

If you are someone who doesn’t have a lot of time and just wants to know what’s knew and what works, I’ve created a new Productivity-Only Option. From the future forward, posts that are tagged “productivity” will be available there, and I’ll try to write them in a more direct style. If you want to save time, subscribe to this feed.

The current all content feed will contain everything, including productivity posts. As my posting frequency jumping upward this year with the Groundhog Day Resolutions Daily challenges, people who are not interested in such things may want to consider updating their subscriptions to use the productivity-only feed.

I’ve also resurrected my personal Tumblr at Tumblr is a different kind of community, so I thought it might be fun for sharing cat and food pictures. The user interface is pretty neat too.