Thing-a-Day 21: Not Working Today Card

Thing-a-Day 21: Not Working Today Card

I am too busy

[POSTING ON 11/22]

On Friday I was in the midst of restoring all my programs and data to the PC Workstation, and also was going to a photographic exhibition in the early afternoon that would kill the rest of the day. Too dang busy. So I made this card to get out of doing a Thing-a-Day for Friday. Booyah!

What’s notable, though, is that I’d been looking at all kinds of clipart this week to make a certificate with cool guilloche patterns and nice ornamentation. I wasn’t sure how I was going to DRAW them, but I just made patterns and it turned out that it’s a lot easier to just PLAY with them and figure it out. Gotta learn to get over these notions of perfection before play; as my friend Gary says, it’s all about being persistent. They’re not AMAZING patterns, but I can see how they can evolve quickly with just a bit of repetition and refinement. Lesson learned, again!

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