Thing-a-Day 19: Compact Calendar 2015 Updates

Thing-a-Day 19: Compact Calendar 2015 Updates

Compact Calendar 2015

2015 Updates!

It’s that time of year…Updated Compact Calendar! I had thought this would be a quicker task when I started it, but it actually took several hours to remember how to assemble the complete package of PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, and now the Numbers spreadsheet. Formatting the PDFs is what takes the longest amount of time, since I have to prep 3 different base spreadsheets stripped of holiday information, then lay each type in both US Letter and A4 size and save to PDF. I do a little extra sizing other than printing them out straight to PDF; I spent a bit of time rejiggering the export workflow to be easier to update next year.

Anyway, you can Download the 2015 Calendar from the usual place!

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