November’s Game is The Minimalism Game

November’s Game is The Minimalism Game

I found out about The Minimalism Game catching up on Colleen Wainwright’s Facebook page, upon which she had posted a picture of some clothes she was tossing under the mysterious hashtag #MinsGame. It turns out that this is a project, of sorts, from two journalists who are learning to live with less stuff. This has been very much on my mind too.

November is a month increasingly fraught with 30-day activities; it’s National Novel Writing Month and Movember, and I’m participating in neither one due to lack of time and my inability to grow a mustache. Clutterbusting, though? I am all for it, because by freeing up more space and simplifying my environment, the energy is better and tasks flow more smoothly. The well-being that comes from a well-arranged living space imparts something like The Mozart Effect for middle-aged clutter-bugs like myself.

The basic idea of The Minimalist Game is to throw out 1 object the first day, 2 objects the second day, and so on for the entire month of November. It apparently gets challenging by the second week, when you are starting to throw out over a dozen things every day! And you get more “points” if you do this with more than two people, so I’ll be sharing my progress on my Stream of Consciousness Blog, with the story behind everything that gets tossed out.

Here’s a mini-gallery of the items I’ve tossed so far!

313-1101-minsgame.jpg 313-1102-minsgame.jpg 313-1103-minsgame.jpg 313-1104-minsgame.jpg 313-1105-minsgame.jpg 313-1106-minsgame.jpg

The posts tagged #minsgame will bring ’em up for the full story.