Day 8: They Came From the Back of the Fridge

Day 8: They Came From the Back of the Fridge

Old food Day 8 of The Minimalist’s Game had me poking around my refrigerator to see if there was anything that needed to go.

  • A bottle of “Lars” Swedish-style mustard, purchased in Andersonville (aka “Little Sweden”) in Chicago back in 2007. Does mustard go bad? In any case, I didn’t want to find out.
  • A thin jar filled with sauerkraut of an unknown vintage. As the last pack of sauerkraut I purchased was at the beginning of summer, I am sure that this one is much older. Gross.

  • A jar of Teriyaki-Ginger sauce, which is some of the worst marinade/dipping sauce I’ve had. More yaki than yummy

  • A can of cat food from when my sister last visited in…July? I have saved the top because she wants it back; it’s a reusable plastic lid.

  • A tub of miso that is of unknown age. Probably from the Spring.

  • Two boxes of baking soda to de-stink the refrigerator. They have been there for a loooong time. I didn’t even realize they were there.

  • Two Korean yogurt drinks, so old that the liquid has de-emulsified. I didn’t even know that was possible.


p>I actually made some soup with the miso (it smelled OK) and remembered this was the miso I didn’t like. A little too sweet for my taste.

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  1. Kirsty Holloway 10 years ago

    I hate tidying the back of my fridge. I had to chuck out some yougout – unopened – which was about a month out of date. My stomach was not feeling strong enough to examine the contents!

    My progress with this fab idea can be found here:!minimalist-game-/co9g