Day 15: Miscellaneous Drawer Scrapings

Miscellaneous Clutter I was planning on throwing out 15 hard drives, but I realized that I needed to wipe them clean of readable data first or render them inoperable. Unfortunately that won’t be easy to do, so instead I scraped together 15+ bits of stuff lurking in drawers and on shelves in the basement for today’s contribution to The Minimalist’s Game.

We’ve got two old floppy disks with Vector Linux 4 on it, two Compaq laptop “SmartBay” components for a laptop I no longer have, an old Firewire enclosure, an old ATA DVD-ROM drive, 4 notebooks, an empty glasses case, an old CD, a battery, and a coaxial cable DC-block plug adapter. And a flat piece of plastic that I don’t remember what it is for.