JetPens Mini Shopping Spree

JetPens Mini Shopping Spree

JetPens I ordered a bunch of desk props :-)

I saw somewhere that JetPens had some kind of multi-lead holder mechanical lead holder, and I thought it would make for an excellent photo prop. A lead holder is a bit different from your typical automatic mechanical pencil in that it lets the lead fly out; you have to adjust the amount of lead that is exposed with a careful touch of the hand. Anyway, the Pentel Multi 8 for Checking Use (whatever that is) lead holder holds 8 different kinds of 2mm (!) colored lead. The mechanism is pretty interesting: rotate the pocket clip to select which lead you want, and twist the clicker to line up with the silver line if you want to completely remove a lead.

To pad out the order, I also grabbed a few other things:

  • I wanted some kind of “sample product pouch” that I could move easily from bag to bag (I have several) without having to grab stuff out of each individual pocket. I’m not sure this will work, but maybe it will!

  • I bought a replacement white Lamy Safari fountain pen. I think I gave my other white one to Dad. In any case, this one is using a broad (B) tip. I tend to like thicker fountain pen lines when writing with them. Why not?

  • And I got some extra Lamy blue cartridges. Not the most luxurious of inks, but convenient to carry around. It’s a nice contrast with the white body and silver nub.