A followup to last night’s diagnostic musings, written in the light of a new day full of possibility!

Morning Thoughts

I woke up around 9AM after a hard sleep, dreaming about some old people I used to work with in a high-pressure situation. I’ve been having more of these dreams recently, it seems; I think it’s related to how I am feeling about my “career path”, such as it is. “Artistic path” is even better; I read in a book last night about how the artist of today is allowed a “self-centered existence driven by one’s inner necessity”. That seems to describe me. Hm.

Anyway, I’m still feeling rather tired, unexcited, unmotivated. I think if I got something done then I’d feel better. It occurs to me there are two kinds of things to get done:

  1. something that I put out there, and then wait for the response
  2. something I make that is foundational and awesome in itself, requiring no response for validation

The Shopify store I’m working on is probably of type 1. Perhaps I need to be doing more Type 2 projects to feel balanced. I’ve been focused an awful lot on Type 1 projects, which are dependent on feedback from the world.

I’ll think about that more later. There are a few habits I should re-establish:

  • 15 minute morning ritual – I haven’t been doing that for a while, as it’s been too hot at my bedroom desk to use my laptop. And since I’ve started keeping my continuity journal in Scrivener, I find myself not using it at the main PC workstation because Scrivener Windows is clunkier compared to the Mac version. I’ve opened it now and will use it.

  • Explicit daily goal setting – I’ve fallen out of the habit, though I’m not sure why. It may just be the recent heat-induced discomfort. Without the 15 minute morning ritual, everything falls apart.

  • Lowering the resistance to starting – I have forgotten the recent initiative to apply “just start” rule to things that pop into my head. Maybe that is what derailed me, actually, trying to do this instead of list a bunch of daily goal tasks. Hm.


p>Well, that’s 15 minutes of writing. Time to get to it. Updates later.