Notebook Update: Getting Ready to Ship

Notebook Update: Getting Ready to Ship

"Notebooks from Bindery" I got an email from my printer Papergraphics, letting me know that the notebooks have come back from the bindery. I popped over to take a picture of the pile of boxes and examine some samples. I have the Amazon listing set up, and I might even have a solution for non-USA fulfillment later this month.

What’s left? Shrinkwrapping, SKU labeling, and then shipping to Amazon’s warehouses. It’s probably going to be two weeks before the inventory is ready to go. I’ve set up a New Stuff Newsletter on MailChimp, if you want to receive email notification for when this (and other products) are available. Add your email address to the list at the Dave Seah New Products and Downloads List.


  1. Lynn O'Connor 8 years ago

    Hurrah! I just ordered 4 ETP notebooks from Amazon and they are arriving here on Tuesday. Way to go!!!

  2. Wray Porter 8 years ago


    Just received the ETP booklet from Amazon. Great product!



  3. Dani 8 years ago

    Please David! I’m from Canada and bought the download able version and it would cost me over $100 to print my pages in colour at a print shop. At home, it would just take too much ink. I would love to be able to access your products through Amazon. Thanks

  4. Author
    Dave Seah 8 years ago

    Thanks Lynn, Wray for trying out the notebooks! If you feel like leaving a review on Amazon, I would appreciate it!

    Dani: As for fulfillment to Canada, I’m trying to set up a system with my printer to handle shipping there. I’m unable to sell to Canada through Amazon because I don’t have a Canadian account or a Canadian bank to use; Amazon US will ship media like CDs and books, but not specialty items like mine. It’s the same issue with Amazon in the EU as well. Very annoying!

    It’s a priority to get this to work, so hopefully it will come together this year.