Watch Dave on “Lean Into Art” Video Podcast #70

On February 14, I was a guest on Lean Into Art #70, a video podcast from enthusiastic artists Jerzy Drozd and Rob Stenzinger. The topic? Ostensibly it was about “Mastering your Schedule”, but instead we covered what I think are more fundamental aspects of the creative process. If you’ve ever wondered what I’m like in-person, this is me when I’m having a great time talking with people who fit the “optimistic, self-empowered, competent, conscientious, and kind” profile. Jerzy and Rob are asking the same questions I am, and they put their answers into practice with a dizzying array of workshops, podcasts, and collaborative projects. Did I mention that they do this all through TEACHING and COMIC BOOKS? Yeah, it’s awesome. Listen to the podcast and then lean-into this duo’s body of work. Thanks, Jerzy & Rob, for reaching out to me!