HTML5 Crash Course: Some Starting Specification

HTML5 Crash Course: Some Starting Specification


Yesterday I’d started to gather materials on HTML5 online before remembering that I had a book. I septn a little bit of time before going to sleep skimming the HTML5 and Javascript references I have, and came to the conclusion that HTML5 itself is just a bunch of new features. The ones I’m interested in are the Canvas, Sound, and Event models.

I need a very basic app to get focused. It might be instructive to write a simple GUI that gets something done. That would familiarize myself with a few things

  1. Basic HTML5 Layout of Elements
  2. Using jQuery to bind events to the Elements
  3. Writing some Javascript core code to send events and data requests to my own server using JSON or something

I think I’d like to make a basic two-column text editor. This is something that’s been on my mind for a while.

I’m kind of tired, so I think I’ll do the setup of a framework later today or tomorrow. My testbed will be the server, where my other experiments live.

Here’s what the HTML5 page needs:

  • HTML5 markup!
  • A place to LOAD script libraries!
  • A way to detect no javascript and gracefully degrade
  • A way to debug!

That’s a good enough starting list.