Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year Feb 10 is the start of the lunar new year, which to me is “Chinese New Year” because of my Taiwanese ethnicity. In Taiwan a 9-day holiday officially began. There’s a number of traditions, such as cleaning the house thoroughly to welcome the new year, banquets, gift giving, wearing of new clothing, and so forth. Here in frigid New Hampshire, I celebrated by doing a bachelor-pass over the kitchen and living room, buying some appropriate candies from the local Vietnamese market, and cooking a nice-looking meal for myself with some pu-erh tea.

THE MEAL: Far from traditional, it’s a mix of white and brown rice, some frozen broccoli, some pickled Japanese-style radish, and marinated pork loin dredged in tapioca flour then deep-fried for 90 seconds in 350 degree oil. The marinade consisted of soy sauce, sugar, 5-spice powder, some dry sherry, and garlic powder. I just think it’s pretty.

THE TEA: It’s pu-erh tea that my Dad brought me several years ago. Earthy and subtly complex, it’s a milder tea that helps cut through the grease. I probably shouldn’t be drinking it with this meal, for all I know, but I had brewed some earlier.

THE CANDY: Although it’s from a Vietnamese market, it looks just like the stuff we would get in Taiwan: peanut squares, sesame seed squares, some peanuts coated in some kind of thick sugar shell, and a gummy sesame chew. The peanut squares are my favorite; they are like peanut brittle, but structurally are more like Rice Krispy bars.


  1. Christopher Robin 9 years ago

    For some reason, the all network RSS feed didn’t pick this article up.

    If you happen to be running short of ideas for a product later this month, you could consider a cooking infographic. Kinda like the taco stacking one you made but perhaps focused on an odd recipe that you enjoy or something you cook semi-frequently in a number of different ways. Just a thought.

  2. Author
    Dave Seah 9 years ago

    Hey, that’s a good idea! I was thinking of maybe doing a photospread recipe to see what it looked like with something I made a couple of years ago.