Day 24: Visual Hierarchy Basics Concept Draft

Visual Hierarchy Readers have been leaving interesting ideas on the ETP Printable Template Kit post, which is the indirect inspiration for today’s product of the day: a Visual Hierarchy Basics primer, of sorts. It started out as an attempt to make a simpler “Form Making 101” template. However, I found I couldn’t even start to make a template without explaining some basics—or rather, I wanted to be sure that potential users knew just what goes into a form. This got writing more about the foundation of 2D design as I understand it.

This diagram isn’t complete, but it’s a good start. I could see this becoming the basis of a second book that goes into the details of making nice forms in Illustrator, while also explaining the underlying principles. This is a long-term product development play. Perhaps it will be what I do in April.

Total time of production: around 2-3 hours. I’m not satisfied with the layout, but it’s good enough to convey one way of presenting the foundation of good information design as I see it.


Groundhog Day Resolution Posts for 2014

I am challenging myself to create a new product every day for the month of February 2013. The Challenge Page lists all the products in one place. Check it out!