Day 13: Black&White Update to 365-day ETP Almanac

Day 13: Black&White Update to 365-day ETP Almanac

Black and White ETP 365 Day Journal Today’s product-of-the-day is the black-and-white version of the 365-day Emergent Task Planner Almanac, which was in turn inspired by a tweet from dragonflylotus; she was having trouble getting the orange to show up on her laser printer. I will be updating the package so everyone who has purchased it to date will get a copy of the new black-and-white templates, optimized for laser printers. Thinner lines are the main change, aesthetically, since solid black-and-white renders very sharply on a typical laser printer, and thicker lines need to be toned down to maintain the visual balance of the design (in my head, anyway :)

It took a lot longer than I thought…there are four templates that each needed manual conversion from color to black-and-white, and then I needed to re-export from InDesign and rejigger the interactive form fields in Acrobat (I’m setting the default font to Helevetica, otherwise it uses Times Roman…ugh! Hopefully I did not miss anything in the conversion.

On the plus side, I’m now set for a quicker 2014 update! Working through Acrobat is the worst part, because it takes 10 minutes for it to process each form due to the number of interactive fields. The new templates are:

  • B&W A4
  • B&W A5

Like the other templates, they all have interactive form fields so you can fill them in. You can purchase either the A4/A5 or US/US MINI packages from this page.


Groundhog Day Resolution Posts for 2014

I am challenging myself to create a new product every day for the month of February 2013. The Challenge Page lists all the products in one place. Check it out!

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  1. John Lamb 11 years ago

    David, I just downloaded the Almanac – beautiful stuff.