Hobonichi Techo: A Japanese Day Planner

Hobonichi Planner, English Version While browsing through Shopify stores, I stumbled upon Fangamer’s blog post about Shigesato Itoi’s Day Planner, which is apparently very popular in Japan and available in English for the first time this year. I was instantly beset with desire.

The planner, designed by the aforementioned Shigesato Itoi, is called the Hobonichi Techo, and you can order it from the 1101.com English website. A techo, I was pleased to learn, is a kind of notebook that combines sketching and life doodling over the course of a year. Mr. Itoi is something of a renaissance man, with cred as a writer, video game designer, and “good mood” news site operator. He sounds like someone I aspire to be like.

The hardbound planner itself is around US$30, and you can order a leather cover for it for another US$164 plus US$15 for shipping. There’s helpful instruction on both Fangamer’s informative post and on the shopping website itself for navigating the Japanese-only order form.

Though it’s pricey, I’ve ordered one to for “research purposes” as there are many features in this planner that I’d like to have in my own almanac! Perhaps I can design a hardcover notebook that uses the same covers; they are apparently available in all kinds of materials and price points.

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