Picture of the Day 2012.12.13

New ETP Design I’ve been chipping away at the design for a new 365-day planner based on the ETP. The design is coming along 15 minutes at a time, part of my new morning ritual, and today I’m at the point where I’m pretty happy with the refined layout. Small spacing issues that have always bothered me have been better-resolved.

Animated GIFI removed half of the time tracking bubbles in the interest of having more space to write; I found I never put more than 2 hours in most of the time, and I think splitting up big tasks into two-hour chunks might not be a bad idea. I tried removing the hour bubbles from the day grid too, but without them it looks weak. I did remove the 15 and 60 minute indicators; they just confused people.

I think the new design feels more open and balanced, and it just feels more serene to me. Click the animated GIF on the right to see the difference between layouts.

UPDATE 12/17/2012: This is a picture of a 365-day planner I’m designing based on the ETP. The changes may make it into an update of the current ETP if I receive enough requests for it.