Nanowrimo Day 07

Nanowrimo Day 07

I’m still doing it. Here’s the observations I’ve made:

  • I’ve had a busy weekend, but have kept to the main goal of keeping a daily writing schedule. The weekend saw the visiting of my sister and her entourage, which put a hiccup into Sunday’s writing (managing only 600 words before midnight), but I have been able to make it up for the past two days and am now once again ahead.

  • My lack of preparation before starting NaNoWriMo is still taking its toll, largely in telling a cohesive and consistent story; this is definitely a first pass word dump, not a refined document. However, as wooden as the dialog and description is, I am starting to see certain themes that will be useful in fleshing out a second draft.

  • Theory: It seems that a complete exchange of ideas between characters takes me, on average, around 1500-2500 words. That suggests to me that there are 30-50 complete ideas to be conveyed to fill 50,000 words of a novel. A general book outline might then fit on an entire page, describing each idea/premise, and how they follow each other as the book unfolds.

  • So far, this has been an utterly solo affair. I haven’t talked to another wrimo since attending that first meeting, and I’m finding that this isn’t bothering me. The writing is a personal affair, and just knowing that other people are going through this at the same time is enough for me to feel a sense of connection. I should attend a write-in sometime though to see what it’s like. Perhaps it is actually a lot of fun.