Improved Productivity Tools Page

New Productivity Tools Page One of this month’s goals has been to redesign the Productivity Tools page so it was easier to display both free downloads and items for sale. I’ve been slowly plugging away at it to make the October 15 deadline that I agreed on with my cousin Ben; if there’s an increase in sales, I’m planning on putting 50% of any additional profits into a shared “Expensive Scotch and Cigar Fund”. It’s just a fun way of putting a little extra accountability on myself. I also happened to find Shawn Blanc & Ben Brooks’ B&B Podcast Episode #80, which mentioned the Emergent Task Planner at around +12:45; I listened in horror as the hosts attempted to find the form while “on the air”, only to get stuck. This was quite a kick in the pants, so I was extra-motivated to fix the problems this weekend.

The changes are live now, with plenty of new custom WordPress coding and CSS to make the new layout possible. I now have to revamp the actual content on each page by adding slideshows and (maybe) better custom headers for each page that shows the tool in use. I’ll be switching into Photographer mode next to take a heap o’ pictures.

I think this is a significant improvement. Let me know what you think!