XNABS2: XML Read Routines

XNABS2: XML Read Routines

It’s been a while since I worked on this project. I want to get the XMLReader code to work right, then I’m going to see how the 3d model import workflow works. Which means I need to be able to make 3D models to import in the first place. First things first: let’s get this XMLReader to work.

There were a few bugs leftover from the last attempt. I needed to specify the data directory, get rid of some overzealous try/catch exceptions which masked some important errors, and also add a specific enclosing XML tag in the data files. Updated the GameData.XML reader routines in BaseGameData, as well. Its XML reading is set up differently that in SettingsManager, which bugs me a bit, but I’m going to leave it alone.

And that about does it for the XML reading. I now have the following capabilities:

  • Read key/value pairs from an XML file for common settings
  • Read Game setup data from an XML file

Next up: Exporting a textured 3D model from Modo, Importing into XNA, Refactoring the View and Camera Classes.