Clinton Begin’s Emergent Task Timer App

Clinton Begin’s Emergent Task Timer App

I got a nice email from Clinton Begin telling me about the desktop version of the online Emergent Task Timer Tool he made after seeing a few other online implementations (including my never-finished one). Dissatisfied with what he saw, he implemented one that better suited his needs, and is now sharing his cross-platform desktop app (implemented with Adobe AIR) with the world!

Clinton Begin Emergent Task Timer Tool You can read about it and download the tool at Clinton’s blog. An instructional video and installation instructions are available there. Thanks for sharing, Clinton!


  1. Lory 8 years ago

    very usefull! thank you!

  2. Larea 8 years ago

    I love it, when can I get it for iPad??? I promise I’ll buy it!

    I was going to leave a comment on his website also but it required some kind of profile, I’m glad I can comment here without it.

  3. Phil v. Sassen 8 years ago

    Great tool!

    The only think that is missing is a bar that show the current time within the bubbles. The air version of the Emergent Task Timer has this helpful feature.

    This feature would make the Emergent Task Timer App perfect!

  4. George 8 years ago


    has it already!

  5. Phil v. Sassen 8 years ago


    great Tool. Thank you for mentioning it …