BizCards and Application Icons Progress

BizCards and Application Icons Progress

If you’re not sick of this already, I’ve posted what I hope is the final round of my new business card design in the design process journal.

Also, I started sketching some ideas for an iPad application icon, if you happen to be interested in the thought process I’m going through. This icon will be for the upcoming Emergent Task Planner app, and this is turning into a hairy branding exercise…just what the heck do I call all the stuff I’ve been doing with productivity forms? How do I turn that into a simple icon? Anyway, we’re probably a couple weeks out from having a workable beta ready. Al’s been plugging away at the app between gigs. For fun, we’ve made our experimental development Trello board public so you can see where we are (or where we are not :)


  1. frenchris 11 years ago

    love community creativity development board !

  2. Author
    Dave Seah 11 years ago

    We need to put some updates on it!