Inverse Klout

Inverse Klout

Klouchebag RatingWhile reading-up on Klout (a site that measures social media influence), I came upon satire site Klouchebag. Klouchebag looks at your tweets and applies some text analysis to determine if you’re being an “asshat”.

It told me I was a “nice person”, which I think is because I use Twitter only for a low-volume mix of announcements and side observations. I feel strangely affirmed in my approach :)


  1. Fred Schechter 12 years ago

    Yeesh! Klouchebag,, umm I hardly ever use foursquare, (and if you search, it’s all checkins in Oklahoma!) and it dinged me hard for those and excessive punctuation,, arrrgh,, score too high,, shame face is on.

    Hold that head high Dave.

  2. Author
    Dave Seah 12 years ago

    Fred: Doh! Well, no one said that Klouchebag was a good judge of character! :)