4×6″ StickyPad ETP Now Available on Amazon

4×6″ StickyPad ETP Now Available on Amazon

Sticky Pad After sitting in Amazon shipping limbo for three weeks, the StickyPad Emergent Task Planner pads are now available!

Each sheet is like a big Post-It® note, with restickable adhesive on the back of each sheet. They are sold in packs of 2 pads (each with 50 sheets) for $14.00 per pack.

Born from a reader request a couple months ago, the StickyPad version of the ETP is designed for more portable use when you don’t want to carry the full-sized sheets. You can stick them on the inside of a smaller notebook or on the back of something you’re already carrying.

Each package contains two 50-sheet pads for a total 100 sheets of stickable note paper. They are 4×6 inches, which is the size of a large index card. The original ETP design has been simplified to fit into the smaller area, and each pad has instructions printed on the back. Also included in each shrinkwrapped package is a 4×6″ reference card (which you can see on the right above).

Sticky Pad They’re quite a bit smaller than the full-sized sheets, but like their big brother they are printed on thicker paper with custom Pantone inks for maximum clarity.

Ordering from the United States

You can place your order on Amazon.com.

for sale

Ordering from Canada and Europe

I have a very limited number that I can mail internationally. It’s pretty expensive to ship these out of the US, compared to the cost of the pad, but some people have asked.

Please email me via the contact form and let me know how many packs you’d like and your mailing address. I will invoice you through PayPal.

I currently have 20 packs available.

UNIT PRICE: US$14.00 for a two-pad pack
- plus shipping - 
CANADA:     US$12.95 for up to 8 pads
ELSEWHERE:  US$16.95 for up to 8 pads
USA:        Order from Amazon! (see link above)


  1. Be 12 years ago

    Mine arrived 2 days ago. One’s in the kitchen, one’s at my desk. Excellent size. Well done Dave.

  2. Author
    Dave Seah 12 years ago

    Be: Yay! Let me know how it works out!

  3. michaele 12 years ago

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I haven’t been to your site in MONTHS apparently – I just saw these today and ordered some right away of course – I can’t wait to use them! Bye Bye glu dots and double sided tape ;-)