San Diego 01

I’m in San Diego for business in early February, and it’s quite a difference from the February we are having in New Hampshire. The expectation of year-round sunny weather can be seen everywhere from the design of the buildings to the expressions on people’s faces. I’m staying in a small rental room in what I now understand to be an upscale neighborhood, with quiet curving streets and tiny artisan shops dotting the intersections every few blocks. I saw a few mid-day joggers and several bicycles as I walked to a local deli. If I lived here, I would have to take up running I thought. It looked enjoyable, running along roads that were designed for bicyclists and pedestrians alike, through the lushly maintained landscape. Running in New England strikes me as a dangerous pastime, and I can’t say I’ve ever seen any runner in my part of the country look happy about it. It makes me wonder if I should move.

After 14 hours of travel, starting at 3AM New England time, I’m glad to be freshly showered and relaxing. Starting tomorrow I’ll be hopefully immersed deeply into a collaborative design project until the weekend, when I’ll have some time to myself to explore.