A Logo for “Functional Stationery”

A Logo for “Functional Stationery”

"Functional Stationery" I spent part of Tuesday doing some personal logo work for an upcoming business concept: a brand built around the idea of “functional stationery”. It seems like a more engaging way to describe what I do more tangibly, as people know what both words mean, and I think it leads to conversation that is more concrete than my past self-applied labels investigative designer, communications designer, and information graphics designer. Plus, it’s a lot easier to imagining buying stationery than, say, buying some “investigation time”; it fits with my desired move from services to product.

You can read more in yesterday’s Design Process Journal entry: Logo Design Day: Functional Stationery.


  1. frenchris 12 years ago

    Brillant and fascinating !

  2. Bhushan 12 years ago

    brilliant! this has inspired me to draw out things more – before i try to work stuff out online!