Limbo Brain III

Limbo Brain III

SUMMARY: Analyzing the elements of creative frustration, and maybe what to do about it.

Brain is saying I want to make stuff! and yet it gets caught up in I want something fun now!

When brain is saying I want to make stuff!, it’s really saying I want something good to happen to me because I made stuff; it’s a call for a raising of status (economic, social, self-worth) through inventing.

WHen I say NOW, I mean right now, and with immediate results. If the results are not immediate, they should be at least something I can visualize and place into “a story of use” involving myself and people that matter to me.

So, the criteria are:

  • produces something truly useful and cool that is physical
  • provides immediate feedback AND a story of use

The problem is that creating something truly useful and cool is a long process, fraught with trial and error, without the clarity of use that a completed product already has. Comparing what is complete with what is still to be invented is an exercise in futility, too. So…stop it, Dave!

With that note, I decided to go watch that movie, Real Steel, which is about robot boxing and relationships. It was fun. It gave me a little boost. Maybe all I need to do to keep my inspiration going is to read some good books and watch some good movies about the human spirit to invent and overcome.