A Text Area Interlude, Part I

A Text Area Interlude, Part I

One of the upcoming challenges for the task management app will be data entry. I don’t know about you, but the prospect of spending hours pecking text into text boxes and clicking “OK” buttons fills me with dread. So I’m going to implement an idea I had about dual-channel rapid input as an experiment.

Since Javascript is apparently now capable of doing H.264 decoding on the fly (!) I figure I shouldn’t hold back. Let me presume it is a capable platform instead of a toy language.

First I need to set up a new template and a new .js file to load stuff with. New Files:

  • theme/js/libs/texter.js
  • theme/js/libs/jquery-autoresize.js
  • theme/js/text-entry.js
  • theme/page-text-entry.php

Modified Files:

  • theme/style.css

On a side note: Adding an entirely new page to my test WordPress platform was very easy, now that I have a system worked out to load both javascript and PHP. Although I could have done the same thing if I’d started with a different framework, it’s pretty cool knowing that the WordPress core is available.

Right now, I have created a basic auto-expanding text field in page-text-entry.php. What I want to do next is process the textinput into glorious boxes. However, it just occurred to me that a plain-old textarea doesn’t support rich text, which is important for my ultimate plan of formatting-on-the-fly. I’m looking at Rich Text Editors now, and MarkItUp, which is built on top of jQuery and looks like it will serve my needs. I suppose I could also use TinyMCE, which is already loaded as part of WordPress and learn how to control that.

But that’s enough for tonight. Tomorrow I probably have to get back to regular old project management and do a full sweep of what’s on my plate. There’s quite a bit of “optional” stuff that I have let linger too long.